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Death in the moment: A visual response




Darkness Approaches

Darkness Approches


London Keeps me moving #SMWMyRun


For my entry to the Social Media Week London Marathon competition, I took GPS data from my Garmin forerunner watch on the routes that I most regularly run. I mapped this data into visuals and created an artistic impression of what keeps me moving when I go running – the streets and parks of London (can you guess where I like to run, some of the shapes are dead giveaways). The shapes are generated by the GPS tracking of where I run, the colour represents the change in speed as I run and the repetition of different shapes how often I return to the same paths.

Like everyone, I have my favourite running routes, the places that I pass through regularly. When I moved to London I had never run more than 3KM without stopping. That soon changed. I invested in a GPS watch to track where I was going, and how fast.  Running quickly became a big part of my life. I am now training for the Dublin marathon in October and hope to gain entry to the London marathon next year ;).

I’m not sure that I would have unearthed my love of running if I hadn’t have emigrated to London, and that is why I am saying that it is London that keeps me moving.

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Images are….. our hopes and dreams.


Notting Hill Carnival 2013

Statuesque © Phil Lang

Statuesque © Phil Lang

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Memory Photography



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Mapping Abortion Statistics – Ireland

Ireland has seen a wide debate on abortion and its place within Irish society. The UK Department of Health has recently published data on abortion statistics in England and Wales for 2012. This publication is quite comprehensive and offers a section on non-residents. The data includes a detailed breakdown of where individuals are travelling from within the Republic of Ireland.  This data offers a unique look at how this is an issue that affects Ireland quite broadly, along lines that seem to reflect geographic population numbers.

It is important to note that there is a total of 889 individuals who did not state where they reside, so this data set does remain incomplete.

The first fusion map featured here breaks down, into counties, the geographic residence of Irish citizens who avail of abortion in England & Wales. The second fusion map is a geographic breakdown of the Irish population into counties.

Any thoughts or criticisms, please do leave a comment or contact me directly.


Using the maps.

The maps are interactive, with more information being revealed by clicking upon different regions. These maps are broken down by county borders.


Geographic Breakdown of Irish Citizens availing of abortion in England & Wales – 2012.


Geographic breakdown of Irish Population – 2011


Sources -

Abortion Statistics in England & Wales 2012 – UK DofH
Irish Population 2011 – CSO

Concept Memory Photography

Developing work – When You Are Not Here

When You Are Not Here

Concept Photography Representation Video

Video – Home


Photographs are little islands of meaning. From our view upon the rolling seas, it can be difficult to ascertain what exactly this meaning is. We think of wonderful stories to surround photographs.


Video – Winter Flower Fall

It’s snowing out there people. Take care. I’ve seen too many people slipping and sliding on the footpath from the vantage point of my window. Thankfully this guy was A-Okay.